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Classic facials or experts care, anti-aging facials and medical-aesthetic approach, always lavished in an absolute moment of relaxation. Liv offers over 50 facials for every skin type and conditions, even for the most demanding.

We offer a vast variety of classic and specific facials. We work with high-quality cosmetic brands; Maria Galland, Guinot, Phytomer, Yonka, Ekseption and Fusion.

How does it work?

  • Analysis
    At first, your beautician will target your cutaneous needs, your skin type and conditions. A complete skin analysis will be done and an evaluation of your skincare routine at home will be suggested in order to understand your personnel needs. Then, we will suggest different facials, depending on your particularities observed and your goals.

  • Cleansing
    Your beautician will start with a surface cleaning by choosing the cosmetic formula for you, followed by a treating toner.

  • Exfoliating
    Afterwards, your beautician will continue with an exfoliation, either physical, chemical or both depending on your needs. Then, the deep cleaning will follow and she finishes that step with a calming/hydrating toner. The beautician will use the high-frequency if needed, to diminish the redness and sanitize the complexion.

  • Treating phase
    Afterwards, according to the chosen facial, some serums will be applied to treat the type and skin condition, a massaging cream is applied after and the massaging maneuvers will begin then.

  • Massage
    The massage maneuvers are chosen in fonction of the given protocol. You will feel relaxed and feel a drainage effect that will bring benefits to the skin.

  • Treating mask
    Then, a treating mask will be applied and the rest time will allow you to complete the relaxation.

  • Final phase
    The final step of your facial will consist of your beautician removing your treating mask and the application of products for this treating care; eye cream and end-of-care cream.

  • Personalized ritual
    You will receive a “ritual care” Liv Beauty Spa sheet. The beautician fills out the form in order to give you the right products for you and their instructions to maintain an optimal cutaneous health.

Personalized care for unique people

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Our shop offers professional face and body products, as well as specific treatment products for the hands and feet. We also carry two leading long-lasting makeup brands, Maria Galland and Malu Wilz.

Following a skin analysis, free of charge, with a “skin scanner”, our duly trained beauticians will be happy to advise you.

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