What is laser hair removal?

In terms of permanent hair removal, our mission is to offer you the best results. Our duly trained technicians make sure to give you all the information and take care of you for optimal treatment.

Permanent laser hair removal (photo-epilation) is done using a device that offers treatments on areas of the face and body in a few or several sessions. It is a non-invasive and safe treatment. This is what makes this treatment so popular. We use a fast and efficient laser and the parameters that the technician will choose for you, will make the session comfortable for you.

Vidéo de processus d'épilation au laser
Vidéo de processus d'épilation au laser

How it works?

Intense pulsed light and laser have a similar mechanism of action, as both send high-energy light to the target structures: the hair follicles. Once the light is absorbed by the hair follicles, it causes them to heat up rapidly and thermally destroy them. The surrounding tissues remain intact. After such exposure, the hairs fall out quickly, painlessly.

Région du corps compatible avec l'épilation au laser
Région du corps compatible avec l'épilation au laser

What are the expected results?

After each laser hair removal session, the hair follicles in the treated areas are destroyed. A result of approximately 15 to 20% more with each subsequent session. The procedure is repeated until the growth stops completely.

How does the treatment
will progress?

Information and qualifying questions

Phone consultation

First, our Technical Director will inform you about the first steps before making an in-person consultation appointment. She will determine if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, provide general information and answer your questions. She will make sure to get you a consultation appointment free of charge in person, with or without a first treatment session, depending on your needs and your availability.

Information and qualifying questions

Diagnosis and personalized treatment plan

In person evaluation

Afterwards, a technician will meet with you for your free consultation. She will have enough time to complete a health form and answer any other questions. She will tell you what to do before and after each session. The treatment parameters will be determined and she will start the session or schedule a later appointment as appropriate.

A run through each of the areas to be treated

Première séance

The technician will check the parameters of your treatment. She will ensure that the area to be treated is properly shaved and will complete, if necessary. Then, she will apply an ultrasonic gel to improve the receptivity of the area to be treated, increase safety and ensure the best comfort during the session.

She will begin the treatment by validating your level of comfort. Then, she will cover the entire surface of each of the areas to be treated using the tip and will make sure to cover the entire treatable surface while respecting the technique.

A run through each of the areas to be treated

Take advantage of our advice to find the best solution for you.

Réception Liv Beauté & Spa
Réception Liv Beauté & Spa
Réception Liv Beauté & Spa
Réception Liv Beauté & Spa

Take advantage of our advice to find the best solution for you.

Free consultation

Cost of treatments

The cost of the treatment is according to the area to be treated and the length of the treatment to be provided. During the telephone meeting you will obtain fixed prices which will be confirmed or modified during the consultation in person.

50% de rabais sur épilation au laser

Until november 5

Get a 50% discount on laser hair removal packages. This advantage is valid for the entire duration of your treatment by booking before November 5, 2021.

Full legs From 300 $ 150 $
Half legs From 180 $ 90 $
Regular bikini (swimsuit line) From 75 $ 38 $
Full bikini From 180 $ 90 $
Armpits From 90 $ 45 $
Back From 300 $ 175 $
How much does laser hair removal for men cost?

Laser hair removal for men costs no more per session than for women. Prices are qualified in the same way. It depends on the region to be treated, but above all on the time allocated to cover the entire region requested by the client. The price may seem higher because more sessions are often required to destroy the hair root, as male hair is often stronger, more textured and is stimulated by testosterone production.

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Optimize this care

Before and after a session

Gel zensa

Before the session

Zensa Numbing Gel

A lidocaine gel can be applied to make the session comfortable, however the technician will determine with you the need to do so. We have Zensa anesthetic gel in the Liv store, an effective product, for a quantity and a competitive price.

Gel Velona

After your session


It is important to apply a gel after treatment following your session, this will allow you to hydrate, soothe and reduce redness on the treated areas, this will provide you with additional comfort after your session and improve the result. Aloe gel is the choice of soothing products to get. Our Liv store offers Velona gel in a high concentration of aloe in large quantities at an affordable price.

Session d'épilation au laser
Session d'épilation au laser

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about this technology

Peu foncée et peau pâle

Permanent hair removal for dark skin tones

Our Nd:Yag technology allows the energy to pass through the skin without the laser being blocked or absorbed by the darker pigment in the skin. Our long-pulse Nd:Yag laser bypasses pigmentation in dark skin to effectively target the hair root without damaging the skin.

This is the optimal technology for laser hair removal on dark skin of phototypes IV, V and VI.

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All the care adapted for you

Liv also specializes in aesthetic treatments for men. Whether it's for hair removal or beauty care, we have the right service for you.

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